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Thread: HOWTO: NTFS with read/write support using ntfs-3g (easy method)

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    Re: HOWTO: NTFS with read/write support using ntfs-3g (easy method)

    <--EDIT : Old test -->

    I made some intensive test to see the performance and the stability of this new driver :
    My hardware:
    Laptop Dell 510m
    Pentium M 1.6 G
    1024 Mo DDR
    HD 5200 tr/min

    1. Copy of 745 files for a total of 655,3 Mo
    EXT3 -> NTFS : 2min 02s
    0 % failure
    0 % corruption

    2. Copy of 2 movie for a total of 1167 Mo
    EXT3 -> NTFS : 2min 37s
    0 % failure
    0 % corruption

    3. Copy of 5986 files for a total of 642,6 Mo
    EXT3 -> NTFS : 3min 23s
    1 failure (operation not permit) -> 0,000167056 % failure
    but because the operation stop before -> 0 % corruption

    4. Copy of 2794 files for a total of 63,3 Mio
    EXT3 -> NTFS : 9.5s
    EXT3 -> EXT3 : 14.7s
    0 % failure
    0 % corruption

    5. Copy of 1 movie for a total of 485 Mo
    EXT3 -> NTFS : 1min 1s
    EXT3 -> EXT3 : 46s
    0 % failure
    0 % corruption

    To test the possibility of corruption, i reboot to windows, and test, not each files,
    but randomly a lot of them, and i encounter not the single problem.
    What is good with fuse is that it stop the service before it could do possibily something wrong.
    I encounter 1 failure for 1 file on the 9529 i test, it means finaly:
    0,000104943 % of failure
    0% of corruption
    This new driver is not yet perfect but it's near to the perfection, and the percentage of failure is so low that it's quite acceptable for a desktop usage i think. On top, seens it dosn't lead to a corruption of the drive. it's also totaly safe.
    And quite speed also, it even bit ext3 for a copy of lots of file in few size.
    This is something i waited for a long time. This is really important for newbie. One less reason to return to windows 8)

    Share your tests.
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