ntfs-3g is now officialy a project of linux-ntfs.org.
Annoncement :
There is currently lots of progress being made in the linux-ntfs project, and we are once again moving one step closer to a full implementation of a read/write ntfs driver for linux.

On 07/14/2006, Project Member Szabolcs Szakacsits presented a new version of ntfsmount and libntfs, currently given the beta-title ntfs-3g. This new driver has, apart from several rather unlikely cases, full read/write capabilities and has improved performance. As news spreads quickly, it has already been downloaded and tested by many users, and no incident has been reported so far. Despite of that it is still to be considered beta, and will upon successfull testing merge (in some way or the other) into the linux-ntfs ntfsprogs package.
The merge with the other project (ntfsmount) will come soon. Last things is to find a name to this new driver. You can vote on their site: http://linux-ntfs.org/