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Thread: how to check if wifi is working

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    how to check if wifi is working

    I have ubuntu 12.10 as my only operating system......the wifi went out and messages says that the wifi is disconnected and there is no signal in the upper right wifi signal indicator that show signal strength.........

    when using windows 7 you can go into control panel and device manager and check to see if the wifi is working but how do you do this in do you check if the wifi card is toast or is working........

    when I first installed ubuntu the wifi worked just fine, then all of a sudden it went out and no signal at all......sure is frustrating..........

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    Re: how to check if wifi is working

    On 12.10 we go into System Settings>Network. In the left pane you should see a list with Wireless, Wired (twice if you have 2 ethernet adapters), Ntework Proxy.

    Select Wireless and you may see a slider. Is it set to off? In the right pane you should see a list of wireless networks (access points). Do you see your wireless network? Select it and more information will be available to you.

    Unless you want to run terminal commands.

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