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Thread: canon pixma mg 5350 keeps being disabled

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    canon pixma mg 5350 keeps being disabled

    Hi there,

    I recently purchased a Canon Pixma MG 5350. All is fine except for one small niggly problem.

    I kept finding that if the printer was turned off or asleep went I sent a file to print that it would not print and I´d have to cancel the print, turn the printer on first and start again.

    Eventually I discovered that the printer was being disabled in the printing preferences, so now when the doc doesn´t print I just go there and enable the printer. As I said, only a niggly problem really, but it didn´t happen with my previous Canon printer and I just wondered if anyone knows why this happens and if I can prevent it?


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    Re: canon pixma mg 5350 keeps being disabled

    Hi Penny,

    Sorry, I cannot help with your problem but perhaps you can help me. I am thinking of buying a Canon Pixma MG5350 and am wondering what it is like, as a printer, and how easy it was to install. Hope you can help. Many thanks,


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    Re: canon pixma mg 5350 keeps being disabled

    Did you install any driver for this printer, or just "plug and play" works for this case. If just "plug and play", then you can try by installing the required drivers from the link below.

    And importantly, please don't forget to post the update here.

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