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Thread: English Keyboard Issues

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    Unhappy English Keyboard Issues

    Hello, I have a Sager NP9370 laptop with numeric key pad and since I installed Ubuntu 12.10 through VirtualBox I cant write correctly, see below:

    > Using USA Alternative International (former us_intl), I get these problems:

    Instead of ç I receive ć, when I press ´ + c

    Instead of ""/'' I receive ¨¨/´´

    > Using USA, I get these problems:

    Instead of á/é/í/ó/ú/ç I receive 'a/'e/'i/'o/'u/'c

    But now ""/'' is OK


    Help me please, I'm a programmer, so is fundamental a correct keyboard layout.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: English Keyboard Issues

    My solution in Xfce Quantal to a more limited bug reported here was to install the `ibus` package and its dependencies. (source)

    Try and see if this helps.
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