My issue arrived when a person I know had a problem with his desktop: did nothing.

First, I found that the CRT was damaged. A feew months passed by & I found a suitable CRT for his old machine.

Then the machine started with some 'beeps'only & did nothing else. I opened the box, took out the RAMs, cleaned them well & resitted them. Problem solved: the machine tried to start but, its only Win XP Pro acct (Administrator) has a forgotten pwd.

He needs this machine for his shop due to a program there he used to use weekly. Now everything is locked out of his reach, but it's supposed to be there.

There was someone that "fixed" that machine a few years ago but his not reachable anymore; he was the one that put that pwd there.

After reading a lot about the diferent ways to deal with this & after trying the most 'at hand' method (Safe mode etc.) feel that the next step now is to try something directly from linux. chntpw is going to be.

That machine's located away from where I am & there's no internet access from there. I've a Puppy Linux 431 live cd & another Lupu live cd (which is derived from Ubuntu), also a bootable pendrive with DSL (Knopix): all these are bootable there.

My 2 questions here are:
1) How to run chntpw there if I'll be booting up PL Lupu, say?
2) Is the SAM file encoded in a special way that one needs, say, a codification table for been able to extract the position of the current pwd & substitute it with 'nothing'?

Thanks for any insights given around these issues!