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Thread: Installing GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)

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    Installing GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)

    Does anyone have experiance installing GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) that would be willing to help me get started with the process. I have downloaded and installed the software but need to learn how to set path and home variables etc.....

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    Re: Installing GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)

    take a look at the following posts from the GMT mailing list:
    Installing GMT on Ubunto Machine

    If you still have problems after trying that you may post again...
    Thanks to all who help me out and the developpers!

    Friendly greetings... CU

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    Re: Installing GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)

    Good morning; i encounter some problem concerning the procedure of the installation of GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) in lubuntu operating system
    thanks you very much

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    Re: Installing GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)

    From the Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.
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