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Thread: MacBook Pro 1.1

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    Unhappy MacBook Pro 1.1

    Installed ubuntu 12.10 on my MacBook Pro 1.1 (Genuine Intel® CPU 1400 @ 1.83GHz × 2 ) in German with automatic keyboard detection "Deutsch (Schweiz)" with ä, ö, ü. Everything works like a charm, but wtf!? I can not type a "@" at-Sign. The keyboard layout shows a whole keyboard with number block - which I do not have on my laptop. Every key seems to be right, but I don't get a at-Sign. Did not find any help online... guess my Hardware is too old for this. Anyone a clue how to fix this? Thanks

    --> solved: settings keyboard layout - set the correct functions to the existing keys of your keyboard (alt or cmd - key)
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