Hello everybody,

This is my first post in ubuntuforums, I normally come here and benefit from answers to other people's questions. I am not sure if this is (or anywhere in ubuntuforums) is the place to ask a emacs question, so sorry if I am posting in the wrong place.

I am working on emacs on a remote computer. I ssh from my laptop and run emacs on command line. I need to write some texts in Spanish and I have a Spanish keyboard. The problem is that all the Spanish characters (á...ú, Á...Ú, ñ and Ñ) are not properly typed and the program behaves strangely (at least for a newbie like me): all those characters seem to be shortcuts to different emacs commands (e.g. when I try to type á, I get a prompt asking for a Shell command). Spanish characters in Emacs in my laptop work perfectly well (I have Ubuntu 12.04 in english). Does anyone know if there is a way to solve my problem in the remote computer without change the set-up for the rest of the users? I guess maybe there is something I could write in my ~/.emacs file. I would need to insert the characters the standard way, not some other combination like suggested here (http://www.1729.com/spanish/spanish-emacs.html).

I guess that sums up my problem. Thank you very much!