Hi all,

Today I tried to run Parallels Workstation 6 on my Ubuntu 12.04 Host O/S. I have been using PW6 for a while now, and things were functioning properly. However, I had to run an install to update it since there was a kernel update since the last time I used it.

This is standard operating procedure. After running the update I launched my Windows 8 Guest O/S. The video was all choppy and kept jumping and shifting all over the screen. Here's a video I posted to YouTube, which shows you exactly what I'm talking about:


Thinking that perhaps something had happened to the virtual desktop, I shut that one down, and launched my other Guest O/S, Windows XP Pro. I got the exact same flashing/jumping video in XP too.

I've posted over in the Parallels Forum. However, I've found that's pretty much worthless for help, and I'm out of support with them, so can't even email them to ask a questions without paying through the nose. Was hoping the collective wisdom here might be able to help!

Has anyone else experienced this problem, especially recently? If so, were you able to fix the problem?

I've got a total of 16gb of RAM in this desktop, or which 4gb is assigned to PW6 when it's running. Also, I've got the video memory set to 256Mb, which is the highest amount that can be set within PW6 (at least in my configuration).

There was a Knowledge Base article on Parallels which set to turn off 3D acceleration in the Guest O/S. However, I could not find that setting based on their directions. (The KB article was for PW6 for MAC, not linux).

Any help will be appreciated!!