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Thread: I can't boot windows after installing ubuntu

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    Talking [solved] I can't boot windows after installing ubuntu (SOLVED THANKS TO DARKOD)

    If you are having a similar issue I suggest you read through this thread to make sure you have the same issue as I did. Throughout the thread there are two working solutions; one that requires a win7 repair disk and one that can all be done from the linux terminal.

    Thanks to darkod I was pointed to this link which fixed my problem in a very easy step by step manner.


    I'm currently dual booting windows and linux.
    When i first installed ubuntu (after windows 7) everything worked fine except I accidentally installed the boot files to my usb flash drive for ubuntu,
    The only way i could boot ubuntu was to push f10 while my pc was starting up and select boot from my usb drive.
    So i started the process of trying to get a grub menu when my pc powered on.
    Now i got my grub working but the menu never popped up. So I used the repair tool and now a grub menu appears. However, it wont display a windows partition!
    Here is the URL the repair tool gave me.

    I need to be able to boot windows. I'm hoping I didn't somehow delete my boot partition.
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