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Thread: USB ether-net connection

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    Post USB ether-net connection

    BackTrack is ubuntu based, So i want to share my problem here !

    I am using wired connection. ISP has given me a username , password and they noted my mac address.

    I have configured PPPOE connection by pppoeconf using my username and password. it works fine when i connect through my main laptop lan port. When i connect through usb ether-net port and reconfigure it shows eth1 [installed].

    But the main problem is my mac address. since my usb ether-net MAC is different i can't use internet.

    so i have to use my main Mac. i have changed mac from
    but when i want to configure / restart it creates another one with its own mac.

    i downloaded Network manager , but i cant fix it.

    is there any way to make connection through my Ether-net usb device in UBUNTU / Backtrack.

    Please Help !!!!

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    Re: USB ether-net connection

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    Re: USB ether-net connection

    Why don't you let your router handle the authentication?

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