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Thread: Update issues

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    Update issues

    i was updating my ubuntu but my laptop switched off and update was halted now its not booting i dont want to lose my data in it.

    i am not a technical user and need your help to complete the upgradation, i know that we can do that by usb stick.

    please help me recover data

    thank you.

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    Re: Update issues

    I'm not the most savvy here but I would boot using your Live CD and see if you can see the hard drive and information. I'm not sure if it's a GRUB problem or not.
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    Re: Update issues

    If you can boot from a live dvd/usb and mount the hard drive, it's easy. You can just copy your important files to a backup medium and try to fix your update. If you can't mount the hard drive (which should only happen when the computer was interrupted whilst updating the boot record, which is unlikely), then you are in serious trouble.

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