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Thread: Insert a CIFS mount/umount Script in Wifi Hotkeys

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    Insert a CIFS mount/umount Script in Wifi Hotkeys

    Lubuntu 12.04/ASUS EEE 900

    Using mount.cifs or an fstab entry, I am successfully accessing a r/w windows xp shared directory.

    The trouble is I work on battery and often disable wifi to conserve power. If I don't re-enable wifi before shutdown, my shutdown freezes because lubuntu is trying to unmount a network share that is no longer accessible.

    In the FN-F2 hotkey scripts, I would like to put in these two commands:

    If wifi is enabled, then:

    sudo mount.cifs // /mnt/efile -o user=domain\\username,pass=guest

    But if wifi is *disabled*, this command would have to run before any part of the disabling:

    umount /mnt/efile

    Is this possible, and which files would need editing? (Previous experimenting with unmounting CIFS shares just before attempting shutdown doesn't work if wifi is not enabled)

    Many thanks,
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