I only recently transitioned from Win7 to Ubuntu, and most of the time since has been spent customising and/or getting some essential programs up and running in Linux.

One application I always had running in Win7 was MSI Afterburner, the reason being that my GPU seems to have some kind of faulty bios and refuses to properly regulate its own fanspeed - it always sets itself to 70% by default, which is unbearably loud and stupidly overkill considering it's normally around 35'C idle temperatures at 40% fan speed.

Unfortunately it seems msi afterburner is unavailable in Ubuntu, so I've been trying to get Nvidia X Server to set the fan speed manually lower, but it seems to refuse to actually save any settings.

I've changed the xorg.conf (configuration) file so that I could actually adjust the fan speeds myself, using

gksudo gedit xorg.conf
to open it with permissions, then added

Option         "Coolbits" "4"
to the device section. This enabled fan speed manipulation. That saved in the configuration file okay.

But when I actually go into Nvidia X Server, enable manual fan speed and change it down to say 45%. I'll save it and quit and it'll be fine so long as I'm logged in. The moment I log out or restart the computer, it defaults back to automatic fan speeds.

System specs:
OS - Ubuntu 12.10 amd64
CPU- Intel i5 2500k
GPU- Gigabyte GTX570 OC
RAM- 12gb DDR3

Also, for some reason it says 'graphics - unknown' when I go into system settings > details, not sure if that's related at all.