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Thread: Gimp 100 screenshot tutorial.

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    Gimp 100 screenshot tutorial.


    Need litle help with should be fairly simple, but im new to this program so all is difficult />/>

    Lets say that a black line apears on the desktop and it always starts at thesame point on the screen and it travels from a to b.
    The way it travles to b slightly differs each time.

    What i would like to do is take 100 screenshots of the black line and then make gimp to select black color only (because the line is in black , so all other clutter from the desktop will be filetered away,
    then put all 100 screenshots (selections of the black colour) on top of
    each other so i get an idea of how the black line travels
    from a to b in an average way..
    so the blackest path will be my result (because of all the screenshots on top of each other).

    Can some one please explain how to do that please..

    Any help appreciated, but please easy step by step instruction.
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