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Thread: no HDMI output from nvidia 9600

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    no HDMI output from nvidia 9600

    I have a nvidia 9600 video card with an HDMI output, but when I have it plugged into my Asus monitor, no dice. xrandr tells me it's recognizing both monitor inputs, but when I select HDMI on the monitor, it tells me no input.

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    Re: no HDMI output from nvidia 9600

    Hi guys,

    Basically the same problem here.

    In system > Display my philips tv (connected through HDMI) is recognized and I can edit the settings for this monitor, but the tv itself does not seem to detect any signal.

    Actually, the workspace switcher even shows my tv as additional monitor and places windows on it, but the tv's screen itself remains black as the night...!

    rebooting, reconnecting, etc. does not work. It works fine with windows, so the hardware is ok.

    Coincidentally I have the same graphics card as the topic starter (although mine's the laptop version, don't know whether that makes a difference).

    Pleased to hear if any of you have a solution!

    Kind regards.

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