I can't do away with Windoze, but I hate dual-boot. I also need native (or near-native) graphics support in the Windows VM.

In the end I chose Xen to host Linux and a Windows 7 VM which uses a dedicated graphics card for native graphics performance. It works extremely well, with what I consider top-notch performance that doesn't stand (much) behind a native Windows installation on bare metal.

In fact, I'm so thrilled about it that I wonder why not every dual-booter is switching to virtualization. (I'm actually not that surprised since it was quite challenging to get it working.)

Here my questions:

Has anybody tried VGA passthrough?

If yes, which hypervisor/method did you use (Xen, KVM, VMware, etc.)?

How easy or difficult was it?

In the end I would like to know if there are perhaps better or easier ways to get it working. Thanks in advance for your feedback!