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Thread: Kernel Panic on Linux startup

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    Kernel Panic on Linux startup

    I am currently running Ubuntu out of a memory stick plugged into my laptop. Whenever I turn on my laptop with the stick in, instead of Ubuntu loading I get an error message on an otherwise totally black screen telling me that there has been a kernel panic and that it cannot locate the root fs. It will not respond either to the keyboard or the off switch - I have to wait until the battery runs out. I don't understand why this is so - I still have Windows installed on my PC, and it works perfectly. I hope that someone can explain to me what the problem is and how to fix it(if possible).
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Kernel Panic on Linux startup

    Wee need a bit more information, please.

    What brand/model of laptop is it? I've never heard of a laptop that won't at least respond to the power switch. I can only assume that you're holding the power button down for a few seconds, otherwise you'll get no response and will have to wait for the battery to run down.

    Did you install the iso to the stick? And how did you install it? On a properly installed Live USB or installation, the root fs (file system) is located on the memory stick and should be accessible. Try viewing the files on the memory stick (from Windows). There should be more than one file visible.
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    Re: Kernel Panic on Linux startup

    Thank you for responding. The model is a Samsung Notebook 150 Plus. The file system(presumably those are what fs stands for) are all visible in the folder named casper.

    Unfortunately, as my skills with computers are as yet paltry, a friend of mine installed ubuntu on to the memory stick and gave it to me. For this reason, I am unable to answer your questions about the iso (I am not yet able to contact the friend).
    I hope that this helps you somewhat.


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