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Thread: Problemc installing from CD

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    Problemc installing from CD

    I'm not sure where I should have posted this but here is the problem I am having.

    When I boot my HP laptop with a Live CD, some distros boot properly but the screen looks awful. It doesn't look normal. Some distros have a safe mode option in the Grub menu but this still causes the screen to look funny. So, it goes without saying that I am unable to install the distro. One of the distros I am trying to install is Watt OS 6. Puppy Linux is fine after booting.

    What should I do? Sounds like a driver issue?
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    Re: Problemc installing from CD

    I am only familiar with one distribution - Ubuntu. The Ubuntu live session uses the nouveau open source video driver. A proprietary video driver is installed either during the installation to the hard disk (by ticking Install Third Party Software) or after (by using Additional Drivers).

    I cannot speak for other distributions but I guess that they also use the open source driver during live sessions.

    You can try installing a proprietary driver whilst in the live session but once the session is closed the settings would be lost.

    You should still be able to install the distribution.

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    Re: Problemc installing from CD

    Do you know the make and model video chipset on the HP? If not, next time you boot a Linux distro, open a terminal and enter "lspci" and look for the line containing "VGA". That will provide you the information.
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