I am in the planning process of moving from an old QNAP NAS to having a Ubuntu Server and so far have found most of the software I need (and am currently doing a test build with Virtualbox), but have been unable to find any software to perform one task.

What I am looking for is to have a web based service that you can log onto and then enter HTTP/FTP/bit torrent address that will then be downloaded to a folder on the server.

I have found this very useful in the past when I want to
1. Download large files
2. Download files overnight with my PC powered off
3. Download files to my Server from work

Does anyone know anything which can do this, I have seen several Bit-torrent apps that can run as a Daemon and do this, but the ones I have looked at so far don't have the option for FTP/HTTP which I use more often than bit torrent.