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Thread: Can't connect to secure wireless networks

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    Can't connect to secure wireless networks

    As of last night, I can no longer connect to password protected networks. When I turn the security off on my router, it will connect just fine. But when I try to secure it -- using either WEP or WPA, the little wireless icon just scans and scans and never connects.

    I've tried restoring the router to factory settings, changing the SSID, but nothing seems to work.

    It would connect fine the night before last, and to my knowledge I haven't changed anything.

    12.04 64 bit

    EDIT: It seems that the problem might be specific to my router. I can connect to a WPA protected network at work. Is there something that would prohibit me from connecting to a specific router when password protected? The problem doesn't seem to be with the router itself, because my wife's computer can connect to it fine, even when the security is enabled.
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