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We wonder why it is wlan1. Was or is there a possibly conflicting wlan0? Do we need to blacklist something? What does this tell us?
dmesg | grep rtl
rfkill list all
sudo iwlist wlan1 scan
Arrrgh - 'rfkill' (a command I'm not familiar with) gave the clue - it showed the wireless LAN was hard blocked! 'Hard blocked' is again a term I'm not familiar with, but I correctly deduced that it's a hardware switch.

As a last resort (!) I looked at the manual (such as it is!) and there's a key combination for turning on the wireless LAN. It's all working fine now.

iwconfig still shows that wlan1 is used, instead of wlan0. I'm not sure I know why.

Many thanks, 'Chili555'!