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Thread: [Kickstarter] Space-MMO 'Vendetta Online'

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    [Kickstarter] Space-MMO 'Vendetta Online'

    So the devs of Vendetta Online, which supports most of the big platforms already is seeking funds for a drastical expand of the Game.

    Help fund the creation of "Vendetta Online 1.9" by late 2013, with drastically expanded and polished gameplay. This will include improved graphics, sound and rendering technology, advancements to our universe, economy and conquerable territory, plus improvements to player-owned capships and other areas (detailed further below). Your support will make this timeline possible! (The $15+ rewards will also let you play right away, after the Kickstarter is successful!)
    They are supporting Linux for years already (while Eve Online dropped their poor cedega-wrapped support years ago) and even ported the game to android to play it on mobile devices.

    Looks like they are really working closely together with the community to make this game better. Let's give them some love. I checked out the game and pretty much liked it. A lot of potential

    See their kickstarter for more information

    What do you guys think about a Linux-Gaming/bulls%$& guild/clan/corp?


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    Re: [Kickstarter] Space-MMO 'Vendetta Online'

    I hope more people jump in and pledge, really like the game and the planned updates.

    You find a big list of games on kickstarter and indiegogo here:


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