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Thread: Strange fglrx desktop glitch

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    Strange fglrx desktop glitch


    I was wondering if anyone could help me with my issue. I know fglrx is proprietary, but this seems to be the only bug I have with the drivers, and the performance of the X.Org drivers is terrible (plus no CrossFireX).

    I've uploaded a video to YouTube to show you what is happening, when I use the X.Org drives this doesn't happen but as I said earlier, the performance is terrible.

    Since the performance was bad, I decided to install the "fglrx" driver, which worked good at first. Then I changed the CrossFireX mode, changed the display output to Full RGB and turned on the setting to remove desktop tearing and this problem appeared. I thought, no biggie, I'll just change it all back and find out the problematic setting. No dice, it stayed even though I changed everything back.

    So I installed fglrx-updates and that is the same. I've also tried disabling various desktop effects and Googling to see if anyone else has this issue and nothing really matches mine.

    Is there anything I can possibly try, or do to resolve this? Even if I lose a tiny bit of performance, it's better than having this annoying problem...

    YouTube video:

    Many thanks.
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