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Thread: Blackgold BGT3600 Tuner with Mythbuntu

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    Blackgold BGT3600 Tuner with Mythbuntu


    VERY new to Mythtv and Ubuntu / Linux. i have never even touched it !. I'm really trying to ditch my Microsoft MCE setup and move to Mythtv/XBMC/Respberry Pi setup.

    I found Mythbuntu which I thought was the answer to everything for me as a Windows only user. So far I have managed to download the ISO and install on my PC with backend/frontend setup.

    I have now hit a wall in that i can't setup my tuner card to work, I have a blackgold BGT3600 twin tuner. From what i can see from there install guide its very hard to make work.

    I have never done anything with Linux and don't know where to start the instructions on there website I can't understand. I'm even struggling to move the .tar file to the correct folder I can't even find a program to let me copy files into diffrent folders. I have tried the "Thunar Filemanager" program that was included in the build but this won't let me move anything. If I drag a file to another folder it moves back ??

    Is there a self-install driver/file I can use ?


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    Re: Blackgold BGT3600 Tuner with Mythbuntu

    Blackgold (fool's gold more like for linux users) provide a binary blob that only works with 2 specified kernel versions..
    Their website & products all look very impressive.

    Unfortunately they did not make an (obvious) open source layer that could be re-compiled/linked to any kernel version (within reason); this is what nVidia does.

    Unless you know how to get that specified kernel or stop/pin the kernel package & thereby stop kernel updates, you're fighting a losing battle.

    The BGT driver build instructions look reasonable.
    AFAIK MythTV backend does not work on windows.


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