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Thread: Unity crash? when (re)starting network

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    Unity crash? when (re)starting network


    The problem is that when i try to (re)start my network from the terminal all the unity stuff disappears and i get a error:
    Classic Guest Session has closed..

    All window content stays in place but the window(close bar, borders etc) disappears and so does all the other unity stuff.
    Only the mouse works i can click but the keyboard does not seem to do anything.
    So i press the reset button..

    i use the following command to (re)start my network:
    sudo service networking (re)start
    it is a fresh Ubuntu 12.10 64bit install (the same happens when starting as live cd)

    Im running this on a ivy bridge Z77 motherboard with a i7 3770k.
    It might be worth mentioning that the onboard intel graphics are not recognized as it just says: driver unknown

    Maybe i just overlooked something stupidly simple (i hope!) than please scream and shout at me how stupid i am!
    Or if anyone could point me to a fix or the right direction to continue my search I'll buy you a beer!

    thanks anyway!
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