OKAY, I give up!
after trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 alongside windows 8 for 3 times and ending with a problem each time, I need some help.
so I have a Dell inspiron N5010 (intel i3 - ATI GPU - 4 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD)
*I installed windows 8 on a 20 GB partition.
*then booted Ubuntu 12.10 using a live usb
*selected "something else" option
*created two partitions [one for swap area : 4 GB and one for Ubuntu root : 20 GB (ext4 - primary)]
*after installing it, I resbooted into the GRUB 2 menu and chose Ubuntu. went fine, then rebooted and chose windows 8 and it started automatic repairing which only does nothing.

So how can I do this properly, please?