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Thread: Alienware

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    In the next couple of weeks i will be buying a second hand Alienware laptop from a guy in work. i would like to know if anyone has ever had one of these laptops and tried putting ubuntu onto them.

    the laptop will be coming with windows 7 64bit, not sure wether its proffesional or home etc. i'm thinking of keeping the windows in a partition and dual booting it with ubuntu.

    my main concern is if i was running the ubuntu side would the drivers still work for the backlit keyboards aswell as the many other lights that come with alienware.

    thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    Re: Alienware

    hi mick,

    i installed ubuntu on my m11xr1 yesterday.
    the lights will continue to act like they were set in windows
    before and you can change them using the tool pyAlienFX:

    greetz, ezfox


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