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Thread: Mixer Applet on desktop & No Sound

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    Mixer Applet on desktop & No Sound

    I have installed the Audio Mixer (Alsa Mixer) on my desktop as I could not control the audio volume in MythTV.

    At first, the Master Volume moved the sound volume up and down. Then I added "Headphones" from Select Controls. After that, I have no sound in any application. VLC plays but no sound. MythTV shows tv picture but no sound. I have rebooted to see if that would correct itself. No I have not Muted the sound and missed the little X through the loudspeaker icon.

    Audio Mixer title bar reads in full: Audio Mixer - HDA NVidia (Alsa mixer).

    Sound card (pull down menu reads): HDA Nvidia (Alsa mixer)
    USB Device 0x46d:0x807 (Alsa Mixer)
    Playback: Built-in Audio Analog Stereo (PulseAudio Mixer)
    next come capture devices. Is that relevant? See screenshot if relevant.

    Moving the Audio Mixer applet to the desktop brought up a warning about "not executable" and trusted. I clicked Make Executable or some such.

    And each time I call (run) the Mixer Applet, the Master Volume's loudspeaker icon is set to Mute (x through it).

    I find a related idea at:

    And this guy had to compile the Alsa driver -

    The following URL had a temporary fix.

    Run this line:

    for i in $(amixer |grep -o \'.*\'); do amixer set $i unmute; done

    I may be goofy wrong about this but this bug seems to have fubar'd my panel icon for Thunderbird. It won't launch.
    Anyone know what has happened here?
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