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Thread: xboxdrv Back/Start & Trigger Buttons Problem

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    xboxdrv Back/Start & Trigger Buttons Problem

    I've been using xboxdrv, trying to get some games working with my wireless 360 controller and it works great except the Back, Start, Left Stick Button, and Right Stick Buttons do not work properly.

    Noticed in one of the games I was trying, Serious Sam 3, that the Right Stick click is seen as the left stick click, and Back is seen as Left stick click. The same thing happens in Trine 2 as well.

    [edit] Trine 2 is no longer doing this (start and back work fine now, strange)

    The rest of the buttons (color buttons, dpad, etc) work fine.

    The command I'm using for xboxdrv is:

    sudo xboxdrv --silent --mimic-xpad
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