Hey guys, ubuntu newbie here. I have an ASUS X54C with 2 internal hard drives - OS (C 186GB and what i named FreeSpace (D 254GB (its empty btw, formatted it to delete the 4GB i had on it earlier in preparation)

My problem is installing ubuntu 12.04 at all, I am installing from a USB drive and the issues begin when selecting Installation Type. The "install alongside" option does not even show up, and considering i plan to install ubuntu on (D) (and dedicate that harddrive or most of it to ubuntu) anyways that doesnt matter to me, so i select "something else", and i end up with something like this on the next step.

/dev/sda1 ntfs ................... dont remember values exactly
/dev/sda2 ntfs ................... and one of these is actually
/dev/sda3 ntfs ................... the usb drive
<- but no /dev/sdb at all in the list.

however underneath this table of values and other things i dont quite understand, in a drop down menu titled "Device for boot loader installation:", i can select /dev/sdb but there is no name for it, like /dev/sdb WDCasdlfasdkfh (300.45GB) <-lame example. I have noooo idea what to do about this, and i dont want to risk messing with /dev/sda or i will be screwed out of my windows os.

Ive been reading everything i can find, but no one elses problems seem to mirror mine, as far as i can tell anyways, and im getting frustrated so im back here on my windows 7 os looking for help before jumping back into it lol, had ubuntu on my toshiba but it had only 1 hard drive and had no problems.
if anyone has any advice id be more than happy to hear it, thank you very much in advance