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Thread: Java-gnome 4.1.2 unique.h no such file or directory

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    Java-gnome 4.1.2 unique.h no such file or directory

    I'm trying to compile java-gnome 4.1.2 from source ( following the instructions given here:

    I'm using 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04

    ./ configure works fine and suggests all the dependencies are met but when I use make I get the following error message:

    MKDIR	tmp/objects/org/gnome/unique
    GCC	generated/bindings/org/gnome/unique/UniqueApp.c
    generated/bindings/org/gnome/unique/UniqueApp.c:44:27: fatal error: unique/unique.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.
    make: *** [build-java] Error 1
    Can anyone help? Thanks
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