Hello Ubuntu Forums,
First things first:
Ubuntu 12.04
64 bit
No internet access, but can flash drive for command lines/files
Would be happy to provide any other information you need.

I switched to Ubuntu this summer and I have loved every aspect of the switch from Windows 7; however, I finally ran into a problem that I cannot fix.

As the title states, my entire networking software/framework/whatever the official name for it is....is totally gone. This happened after I removed Firestarter, which I probably should not have done.

I did not want to resort to making a new thread but I've spent many hours trying to resolve this myself to no avail. I've tried just searching for the specific framework my version of Ubuntu uses and installing the .tar, when that didn't work I tried a .deb, that didnt work either. I do not want to resort to reinstalling Ubuntu, but if that would be the easiest solution, so be it.

Would and of you kind souls please help a new Ubuntu user?

Thank you