I switched to Linux (Xubuntu) so I don't have to reboot so damn often. I do lot of coding and can have 10+ windows open sometimes. I find myself rebooting way more often now.

First issue: In order to have 3 monitors, one of them has to run a separate X session. There are work arounds but it involves treating 2 monitors as one and it's just so messed up I don't even want to consider that. Basically maximizing a window spans both etc... it's really not a proper way to do things and is a real hack. So I opted for the separate X session.

This session often bugs right out, I will start to see all kind of artifacts and junk, things will start to act up, I wont be able to open stuff, it will just delay for ever and eventually error out with "cannot open the folder" it's just overall very buggy.

Second Issue: The main X session, which has two monitors, works well while the system is running. However when I reboot (which is often because of issue 1 and 3) then it's all screwed up. the theme is some weird black theme that I cannot read any of the text. I keep having to go change it. Occasionally all the bars will be all over the place too, but this seems to have settled in the last couple reboots.

Third issue: This happens mostly in firefox and thunderbird but also other apps: Randomly a cursor such as the hand icon, or the "I beam" cursor will get stuck in that position. I also loose all keyboard functionality when this happens. I can move the mouse but cannot click on anything or do anything with it. This forces me to hit the reset button.

This 3 issues are making me contemplate going back to Windows, but I really hate the direction it's going. Seems there's no good OS anymore.

Is there anything I can do to fix these issues? It is extremely annoying.