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Thread: Linux Mint

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    Linux Mint

    Can I to install Linux Mint without losing my files ? Now I have Linux.

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    Re: Linux Mint

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    Re: Linux Mint

    Yes you can, but you still need to back up your data. And if you back up your data, it is easier to do a clean install.
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    Re: Linux Mint

    Yes, the Linux Mint installer will ask you what installation type you want. Normally you can choose between using the entire disk, installing alongside the current operating systems (with non-destructive resizing of their partitions), or do something else--where you can manually partition.

    Should you already have 4 primary partitions (which sometimes is the case with laptops that come preloaded with Windows) then the installer will not be able to offer you to install alongside the current operating systems.

    But yes, back up your important personal files beforehand is recommended. And hard disks do fail, so you should really have a regular backup cycle in place to mitigate that risk.


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