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Thread: Dell XPS 8100 Realtek ALC 888 - Front Panel Detection - Need to Disable

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    Dell XPS 8100 Realtek ALC 888 - Front Panel Detection - Need to Disable

    Hello all, glad to be aboard. I've a question for any possible help on how to fix this issue. I've had this Dell XPS 8100 for years, the onboard Realtek ALC887 works great.

    The catch is, in both Windows & Ubuntu, the sound cuts out from the headphone out repeatedly being going in and out. The fix I use on Windows for years now has been just to use the Realtek Audio Manager (picture shown below) to just 'disable front panel detection', and that gets rid of the issue.

    You can see how it works in this Youtube video below showing the headphones jump in and out on a video, but it does it on on any type of audio playback.

    Does anyone have any possible ideas, i've tried various management programs with no success.

    Youtube Video showing issue. I believe my chip is the ALC887 on this XPS 8100 mobo.

    (Sorry no Audio, but the audio cuts out everytime the headphone disappears.)

    ** EDIT ** - When I unplgged my extra line to an external stereo (using the regular 3 pin black/orange/green for digital, but use the blue in the Line-In for 8 Channel, it almost disappears. It does it once every 10 seconds of so, very brief. The issue is still there though

    ** EDIT 2 ** This is crazy, when I put it on volume of about 70% in ubuntu it goes away completely, it comes back if I go from 70% to 100% anywhere in there it starts. Hah I love it, would still love to just disable the front panel detection completely.
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    Last edited by Adeezy; January 16th, 2013 at 08:49 AM. Reason: Unplugged external cable to stero and it is almost gone, but still there.

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    Re: Dell XPS 8100 Realtek ALC 888 - Front Panel Detection - Need to Disable

    Anyone have a clue how to disable front-panel detection for realtek 887/8 in ubuntu? It's a bummer to have the stuttering still apparent at times.

    Front Panel Detection disable fix possible anyone?

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    Re: Dell XPS 8100 Realtek ALC 888 - Front Panel Detection - Need to Disable

    I am also looking for a way to disable jack sensing . searched google over and over but no luck. I have an msi a75ma-g55 motherboard with the following sound specs :
    Chipset integrated by Realtek® ALC887
    - Flexible 8-channel audio with jack sensing
    - Compliant with Azalia 1.0 Spec
    I have connected my speakers to the back and my headphones to the front panel . Both of these sound devices can be turned off ( power button for speakers and volume knob on head phones ) with out unplugging them from the system . but ubuntu only sends sound to the headphones . To use the speakers i have to unplug them. In windows we had realtek hd audio manager but in linux there is zero support from realtek . Will never buy a computer with realtek hardware in it again . wasted 3 hours looking for a fix . Can someone please create a switch to disable front panel jack detection in ubuntu ?
    or maybe a terminal guide ? any thing ? Show us this forum is alive !

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