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Thread: nVidia, Ubuntu and 3 displays

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    nVidia, Ubuntu and 3 displays

    Hey everyone
    I'm currently using hd4000 graphics to power my computer because of how great the drivers are but I'm going to upgrade to 3 monitors soon and I can't use 3 monitors with hd4000.
    I'll just get to the point.
    How are nVidia proprietary graphics with Ubuntu these days? I'm looking at getting a 660 ti to power 3 displays off one card but I don't know if thats possible due to the rocky situation linux has always been in with drivers

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    Re: nVidia, Ubuntu and 3 displays

    I've used nvidia drivers from the repos (don't use them directly from nvidia!!!!) for a few years. Sometimes a new driver is not an improvement and stability was an issue about 2 yrs ago for a few months. It hasn't been bad the last 18 months.

    When it comes to video drivers and linux, newer is not always better.

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    Re: nVidia, Ubuntu and 3 displays

    Very particularly there is a problem with current nVidia drivers and even just two monitors which I've not found a solution to in any forum, at least not as yet. For some reason the 2nd monitor is unusable due to a white screen, the white being to do with Nautilus, which, of course, you can't just disable.

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    Re: nVidia, Ubuntu and 3 displays

    To support 3 screens from that card you will need driver 304.43 or above.

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