Beforehand, I would like to mention that I am a Linux beginner. I do however have some years of experience using Ubuntu for regular tasks (web browsing, listening to tunes, etc). Recently I picked up a book on learning how to use the command line and am still learning. With that said, I can follow instructions properly.

I produce electronic music on a Windows machine. Using Fruity Loops, Adobe Audition and a Tascam USB Interface to hook up my keyboard, decks, drum machine and do some recordings. This is the basic set up I use in my room, as I mostly use soft synths and inside the box components.

Since I've been introduced to Ubuntu I instantly fell in love, but I never settled in on deciding to dedicate it to music production. Until recently that is. I bought a Sable Complete system from System 76 with enough specs to handle my duties, I installed Ubuntu Studio on it, and my god was I impressed with the choice of apps haha! I gave away my windows machine with all of the peripherals I had to a good friend of mine who has begun producing music so basically I'm starting from zero on hardware.

I want to know what's compatible/supported by Ubuntu Studio when it comes to outboard hardware, specifically an interface. Either USB or PCI (prefer USB). The specs it would have to meet, very basic. I need to hook up a MIDI controller to it, as well as two mics.