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Thank you for the reply. But I must not use any additional software for capturing, whether inside or outside the vBox

I'm afraid my teacher is fooling me?!! (He's already done it before on the students!)
can really VB capture video by itself?

Indeed, I don't know how irc works! (I'm going to learn it now)

and I also tried to create an account in https://forums.virtualbox.org to ask them about the ticket but the registration steps was really troublesome (finally couldn't)
The ticket makes no sense as the person is asking to record the host from the VM (host is the OS that virtual box is running on)

The reply refers you to ffmpeg.

if the guest OS in the VM is linux then ffmpeg is from the command line of the linux VM.

From within a VM you can take a screenshot however.

To record the session you will need to use a tool such as ffmpeg,kazam etc etc