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Thread: Sound and Volume

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    Red face Sound and Volume

    Hey there,

    I wondering why the ubuntu volume seems to 'cut out' below about 20%? I expect it to 'fade' down to nothing as I turn the volume down to 0, but it seems to just go silent at about 20%. I have searched online for a solution, but can find nothing.

    It's not a major problem, but I am wondering if it can be easily fixed, or whether it is normal? Is it a hardware problem?

    Apart from that, my experience with Ubuntu has been great so far.

    Thanks for any answers,


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    Re: Sound and Volume

    There is a setting somewhere where you can define the "steps" by which the volume will increase or decrease in percentages. I can't remember where though, I think it was the gconfig settings. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

    You must search for "volume key steps" related to your version of ubuntu.

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