Here's one more curiosity question: Has anyone managed to get either a Prof Revolution DVB-S2 7500 USB device or a TBS5925 Professional DVB-S2 TV Tuner USB device to work with Mythbuntu?

These are both free-to-air satellite TV receivers that can be used to pick up free, unencrypted signals from a satellite. Unfortunately, in North America the best signals seem to be on C-band (so you have to use a big dish to get them, probably in the 6' to 10' range), so that probably explains why there are not more people using them. But there are still a few available signals on Ku-band (which only requires a much smaller dish) and I'm just wondering if anyone has managed to hook up either of these devices and use it with Mythbuntu. I'm thinking about getting one because I still have an old C-band dish, but don't want to spend the money if it won't work. So if you are using one of these, please share your experience, and in particular, what you had to do to get it to work with Mythbuntu.