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IMHO the easiest way here is to:
1) via Gparted, format the sdb1 partition. In the free space, create a BIOS-Boot partition ( see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Di...n_GPT_disks.29 )
2) Use Boot-Repair's Recommended Repair. (It should convert your Ubuntu into Legacy mode.) Indicate us the new URL that will appear.
3) reboot the computer and tell us what you observe.
I had Windows 7 pre-installed in my laptop. (So, I do not have any recovery DVD). When trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 somehow my bootloader went broken. I've tried to use Boot-repair's recommended repair. However, it didn't find sda7 after I wrote the instruction on terminal. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1529385/
So, I am able to boot neither Windows 7 nor Ubuntu.

Any suggestion?