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Hi guys ive run into a problem.

I update the kernel following the wiki to 3.7.2 :

then updated the grub per salvatore94 post

Problem is I am now booting to the terminal! If I connect an external monitor the GUI immediately kicks in. But after a reboot/shutdown its back to the terminal.

I tried replacing "quiet splash acpi_osi=" with “nomodeset” but that didn't fix it.

The only way I can boot to X is via selecting "Advanced options for Ubuntu" in the grub menu and booting kernel 3.5.0-21

Any suggestions?
First, you need to give more details on your system.
Boot into a working kernel and open a terminal:
uname -a && cat /etc/*release && sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
Since ubuntu 12.10 uses a kernel 3.6, I guess you didn't read the warning regarding ubuntu 12.04:
Note: This only works for Ubuntu 12.10 (aka. Quantal Quetzal), not 12.04!