I can't boot to windows because grub rescue menu shows up. Fortunately I have a live usb that has ubuntu, which is how I am able to post this. Anyway I tried the boot tool and have a summary http://paste.ubuntu.com/1526802/.

What I wanted was to install ubuntu on a external hdd, which I did it worked out fine. Until I disabled the guest session by editing something and pasting something along the lines of " guest=false" or something like that. Then I decided to retore guest by simply editing again by deleting "guest=false" and hit save. Following that the external hdd would no longer allow me to boot ubuntu properly.

My next step was to boot windows, format the external hdd and re-install ubuntu on it, however I was met with the grub rescue screen. which no matter what command I used it said "Unknown command".

I would greatly appreciate any help I recieve and I am new to the whole ubuntu area. Let me know any additional info I can provide to help you help me.