Hello I am running xubuntu 12.04 and I am having a very hard time getting the icon theme that I choose to be universal. What I mean by this is that the icon for a given application is different in the menu than it is in the task bar. The two applications that I have noticed this on are synaptic and geany. I understand that applications that run as root need to set their icons specially so I have tried some of those techniques but I can't figure out why geany wouldn't work. I have tried creating gtkrc, gtkrc-2.0, gtkrc-3.0, gtkrc-4.0, setting the themes through the xfce4-settings manager, using sudo xfce4-settings manager, using gtksudo xfce4-settings manager, creating a .icons folder in my home directory, creating a .icons folder in the root directory, and copying themes into /usr/share/icons.

This picture highlights my problem.