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Thread: Howto create .deb packages for the latest mono version ?

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    Howto create .deb packages for the latest mono version ?


    Mono 3.0 is out, but I found no ppa from where I could install it.

    There is this one:

    but it's mono

    I'm playing with ASP.NET MVC4, which is why I need the 3.0 release.

    Now I can compile & install mono 3.0 myself.
    How I do it, I tutorialized here:

    My problem now is, for every new ubuntu installation I have/want to make (server, laptop, desktop, renewed installation when HD breakes) I need to go through this lengthy procedure again.

    So I want to compile it once, and then upload it to a PPA, so that I (and everybody else) don't need to install it from source again.

    Now the question:
    The entire build process needs configure run with options, post-configure makefile fixes, post-configure sourcecode fixes, etc.

    Is there an easy way I can create .deb packages from the already compiled files ?

    So that in the installation script, I only need to write several times:
    cd package_directory_1/
    make install
    cd package_directory_2/
    make install
    cd package_directory_3/
    make install


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    apt-get install libstdc++6-4.3-doc

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    Re: Howto create .deb packages for the latest mono version ?

    Thread closed.

    Duplicate here :

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