Hi all,

I could use some help for setting up my NAS.
I'm currently trying to create a NAS with 4*2 TO RAID 5 using Ubuntu Server and Webmin.

Thx to great tutorials I could find on the net, I was able to install Ubuntu server, Webmin and samba, despite being new to linux. I've created my NAS using webmin, and despite webmin telling me the disk 1 had an error, the raid seems to be operationnal.

At this point did someone already encoutered such an error message (at the filesystem creation step) ?

My main concern now is that I'd hope to create several shares, with different rights and allocated space (one for me only, one for my wife and I, and one for both of us), in my raid. I should be able to create the different shares, and probably the rights associated. Nonetheless, I couldn't find where to alocate space to these share, or to precise to fix a limited space to this shares.

Would someone know how to do that ?