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Thread: Reverse SSH Tunnel issue

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    Reverse SSH Tunnel issue


    I'm working on setting up an unattended Ubuntu PC with Ubuntu Server 12.04 and since this PC will be placed in a remote location with no keyboard or screen (unattended), I need to have a permanent SSH connection from this machine to a middle-server (between itself and me) - reason being, this PC will be behind a NAT firewall.

    I followed dot-to-dot instructions at
    but when I connect, I just get an error
    ssh: connect to host port 19999: Connection refused
    So I went back googling for a solution and found

    Surprisingly, Alexonlinux's solution worked out-of-the-box.

    Seeing this, I tried the previous method, this time using Port 6333, but no luck. Then I tried Alexonlinux's method using Port 19999 and again it works fine.

    The reason I can't stick to Alexonlinux's solution is, that it requires some commands to be entered on the PC behind the NAT, and that's not possible in my case.

    I really wonder what could be stopping the connection when using Fabelier's method. Maybe the script is not loading? I did try manually running the script but still no luck.

    I have also set
    GatewayPorts yes
    on the PC behind the NAT.

    For the record, here's the script I've used from Fabalier's method
    a=`ps -ef | grep 19999 | grep -v grep`
    if [ ! "$a" ]; then
         ssh -fN -R 19999:localhost:22 <middle-usename>@<middle-hostname>
    (obviously I've changed the <middle-usename>@<middle-hostname> to the necessary) I had to change the first line as brackets were not acceptable.
    Would really appreciate some help on this, pls.
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