(forgot to mention: this is 12.10)


So for quite some time I've been trying to get Ubuntu installed on this laptop that I got in October. Every time I use the disk to install I get as far as here, then I have to stop because I have no more options: http://i.imgur.com/bZw2x.png

As you can see I've gone as far now as to create new partitions to try to put Ubuntu in there (did I do it right if I did?). Apparently the partition with Windows in it has some weird thing going on that causes it to get flagged, which it has had since I got this laptop. It doesn't cause any problems in Windows, but Ubuntu doesn't like it and won't use it. There is pretty much nothing on this laptop yet (I got it, given to me by the school, to do my graduate work on) so I don't have to worry about losing any documents, files, etc. that aren't essential to performance.

Is there a way to get Ubuntu installed on its own partition like this so I can keep it separate from Windows (no file sharing between them is necessary or desired)?

I swear this laptop has been the most annoying thing ever to work with. (If you look in my post history you'll see that I tried something with a "Windows Installer" that didn't work right either.)

Thank you in advance!